Kyle is the "Connector of Dots" and a "Master Storyteller." In Kyle's 20's he spent almost 10 years as a student pastor, which made him a 5th generation pastor in his family. He then cut his teeth in sales and marketing when his family started a roofing company that he led for almost 3 years. Then he jumped into real estate and began building websites and offering marketing services to Realtors. This turned into him teaching social media, marketing and leadership to Realtors from around the country. So, when was born, it was just the obvious next thing for this multi-passionate entrepreneur!

During his time in the Real Estate Industry, he stumbled into teaching social media. He quickly realized his passion and skill set made him a perfect fit to teach, guide and instruct entrepreneurs in increasing their own knowledge and ability on social media.

Kyle is here to help you feel empowered in your life and business, to help you leverage and expand your reach through social media platforms and influence marketing!

Kyle is the real deal, as he has built successful businesses and found a passion for teaching people how to tell their story through Facebook Live and multiple video platforms.

He is a natural speaker, as he challenges you to get outside of your own head to become the face and voice of your own brand, helping to position you as an industry leader.

From Startups to Multimillion dollar brands, can help overcome the challenges of reaching your audience, developing a strategy and creating the content that gets the results.

Kyle is available for speaking engagements of all sizes. Whether to a group of 5 or to a room of 5000, Kyle will not disappoint.

Kyle isn't a "business" coach or a "life" coach. He's an EMPOWERMENT coach!