“Personal Brand: Leaving Your Mark on those you work with”

What do people say about you when you leave the room? That is your brand. How do you leave people feeling? That is your brand. In 2019, it’s no longer about the colors you pick and what your logo looks like, it’s about connecting to people. In this class, we discuss what questions you need to ask yourself to help your brand take shape. We discuss the “Five C’s” your brand needs, and we talk through how “compound marketing” can maximize your reach and spread your brand faster than ever before. To sell more real estate, you need to put yourself out there. This will help that happen, and then some!

“Storytelling 101: The Missing Link to your missing income”

Storytelling is everything. Most people won’t care about your what without knowing the why or how. Well, that’s a problem, because the “why” and the “how” are the hardest part. In this class, we’ll discuss why storytelling matters, how to do it, and different strategies to help more people pay closer attention to who you are, what you’re doing and how you can help them get what they want! (This is also my NEWEST class)

“Messenger Marketing”

10 years ago it was email…now it’s Facebook Messenger. While open rates of emails hover at 25%-30%, DM’s through Facebook Messenger are being opened on average at about 88%. Never before, has there been a more personable way to drop in, keep up, educate, or love on people. In this class, we discuss 10 ways to leverage FB Messenger to grow your business. THIS IS A MUST ATTEND! 100%!

“How to Move Real Estate on Social Media”

Why do you let the opinions of others keep you from personal happiness? This is why social media doesn’t work for most people. Because they are too consumed with what someone is going to think, rather than relentlessly pursuing social media to sell. During our time together, I will help you discover your personal brand, learn the areas in your life where you can be seen as an expert, and talk through the tips and tricks on social media to prepare your houses to sell. This class will instantly create momentum in your business!

“How To Find Your Next Client On Social Media”

The truth: Every single person on social media is going to buy a home, sell a home, or know someone who is going to buy or sell a home. This can be your breeding ground for new opportunity. But, it requires intentional effort and consistency. When you are “top of mind,” you win. In this class, we will discuss how to identify your next client, what they’re attracted to, and how you leverage your story and passions to “set the hook.” When you realize it’s about documenting and not selling…you will attract more new clients than ever before.

“Instagram 2.0”

This class is all about the savvy IG user. We bypass all the basics and get straight to the stuff that matters! We spend 60-90 minutes exclusively talking through hashtags, Insta-Stories, Live Video and IG TV. I also throw in some exercises so we can put into practice exactly what we are learning! This is a great class!

“Discovering Your Strengths”

Operating in your natural gifts and abilities is huge! But unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often. Most of the time we are instructed or choose to simply copy the success of others without taking into account the way their natural talent assisted in their success. In comes StrengthsFinder 2.0. It is an assessment that helps you understand your natural talents so you can uniquely face what’s in front of you, instead of doing it like everyone else. In this class, we discuss the basics of SF and how it can and will change the dynamics of your life and business. It’s super cool!

"The Facebook CRM"

Facebook is a place for you to collect friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and even people you bump in to. A CRM is a place for you to organize and keep in touch with leads and customers. Well, we have a problem, a CRM doesn't really help your sphere, but your company doesn't really know how to teach you to leverage the people that already know, like and trust you. FACEBOOK CRM! In this class we will discuss 10 ways that you can increase your leads coming from your personal page. This is "top of mind" marketing at its finest!

“BombBomb: Video Emails That Converts”

Not only is video king of marketing, but it also makes boring old emails not boring anymore. BombBomb is packed with analytics that position you to win. In this class, we break down how to use BombBomb to your advantage in the way you market your business and stay top of mind to your sphere. Never send a “cold email” again when you put BombBomb into action.

"Master your story" (taught in four parts)

10 years ago our lives were full of compartments. Everything had it's own slot. You went to work. You had a family. You had your Saturday night box followed by your church box on Sunday (haha). Nothing ran over. And quite frankly, no one cared. Now think about today...there is no such thing as keeping them separate. We all live inside of the "fish bowl" called social media. More than ever, people are buying who we are more than they are buying what we sell. In Master Your Story, we will discuss what is necessary to not just tell a story, but tell your story. Give people reasons to like you, cheer you on, and want to work with you. This class can help you double and triple the sphere and referral business you received last year!


Video is everything. If you aren’t leveraging video in your business, your business is soon to find itself on life support. But there’s a problem…hiring professionals isn’t always the answer. They are expensive. You have tools at your fingertips that are great, you just need to learn them. That is what iMovie is all about. We spend a part of the class learning the basics, then I send you out to record a video of your own, then we finish the class by editing them together. It’s a fun class and very interactive.

“facebook 2.0 - getting "personal" to grow your business”

The algorithm is constantly changing...instead of being ticked off at it, what if we could exploit it? In this class, we learn the updates to the algorithm, how it works and how to take advantage of it's robotic tendencies. Over 90 minutes, you'll know the answers to...

- How often should I post?

- Business or Personal page?

- Is there a right time of day to post?

- How do I get more engagement?

- What type of posts are the best?

- How important is video? When is Facebook Live going away?

- How personal do I need to be?

“Facebook Live: Fuel Your Sphere”

Since its creation, Live video is watched 6 times more and commented on 10 times more. It's engagement is through the roof! At no other point in history have you been able to stop what you’re doing and instantly connect in real time with people from all over. Facebook has even said that by 2020, they predict they’ll be an 80% video platform. So, you have less than two years to get comfortable with video and start utilizing the value it can bring to your business. We will discuss the basics, types of videos you can create and the do’s and don’ts of live video. As well as how to ENGAGE in order to create more business!

“LinkedIn: Your Digital Resume”

LinkedIn is a must have for a business person. It is now considered to be our digital resume. If someone "googles" your name, one of the first couple of links to come up is your LinkedIn account. Most LinkedIn accounts are also out of date and this can lose you business. In this class we will spend time talking about the five most important things to update to have faith in your LinkedIn profile converting visitors to reach out to you.

"Dominate w/ Video”

Video is a BIG DEAL. It engages at a higher rate. We trust video more. And it allows us to relate to others and put our true self out there as often as we want. We are watching the business people who are willing to put themselves out there find great success in video. Whether it’s Facebook Live, produced video or a simple selfie video from your smart phone. They all out perform any other type of post. In this class, we’ll look at 10 ways to creatively use video in your business and the best apps to make it seamless and easy. Don’t go another day without adding this game changing marketing strategy to your business.

"Fact or Fiction”

Business people are constantly told opinion after opinion about how they should use social media and market themselves, but they aren’t quite sure who to listen to. In this class, we debunk or prove 12 different hot button topics when it comes to social media and marketing. We will discuss business page vs personal page. Do you need SnapChat? What role should video play in your business? And are the old ways of marketing dead? This is a fast paced class that will fill the gaps that have been holding you back from increasing your production and growing your business. 

"Your Best Year Yet"

Whether you want to inspire your team at the first of the year or provide them with a kick in the butt halfway through, "Your Best Year Yet" is about preparing to succeed in your goal planning, goal setting and goal achieving! We all set goals and we are typically pretty good about letting goals be our goals year after year because we don't accomplish them. But that shouldn't be the case. In this class, we create awareness of our pitfalls, we learn to align ourselves with the right people and we create worthy goals of not who we are, but who we are capable of being! This is a great class for young teams, teams with potential for leadership, or teams struggling to stay focused and hit the mark.

"Instagram: Your millennial mouse trap!"

In the digital sales world, Instagram is the sexy new toy. At 800 million users and climbing, millionaires are creating daily that say IG was their main source of marketing and promotion. So, is it for you? In this class, we'll discuss the basics, as well as dive deep into how to attract the right crowd for you. If you are fishing for 25-40 year olds, you may have just found your match!

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