Video Bootcamp

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Video Bootcamp (2).png

Video Bootcamp


Video Bootcamp is not for video experts!

If you know you need to be utilizing video in your business, but you can’t seem to muscle up the nerve to make it happen, you need this bootcamp!

During our 4 hrs together, we will cover…

  • Mindset

  • Discovering your audience

  • How to create content that is authentic and attractive

  • What to do with videos after we do them

  • The equipment needed along your video journey

  • The POWER of video

  • And so much more

We do this through Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world, afraid of video, and still be engaged! When you sign up, you’ll receive…

  • My workbook filled with all sorts of goodness

  • Access to my private Facebook page with others who have completed the bootcamp

  • The link necessary to join our live time together.

So do not delay! You needed this yesterday! Let’s get started today!

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