Don't take my word for it....let other people tell you how awesome I am! Haha. :)

Where do I begin?? Kyle has an anointing! I listened with my eyes closed so I could absorb his every word! God has set him apart! He has me with his very first word to the last! It’s really hard to put into words...what draws me to him is his transparency, he’s genuine, he speaks TRUTH & asks questions that prick my spirit! It’s not like preaching, but more that he’s having a conversation with me. He speaks TRUTH in love. Also, he’s the first person that I’ve heard say, ‘Hey, I’m here to love on & encourage people!’ He means it! When I get annoyed with something someone says or does, I refer back to that!! How can I love on & encourage them?? After I hear him speak, no matter the subject, it motivates me to take action!! It motivates me to want to improve & be a better person!!
— Connie G.

Ashley Gentry - Red Branch Realty

"A man of many talents, Kyle has the innate ability to appeal to all tech proficiency levels as well as generations in his social media and technology classes. And I've watched it first hand with our entire brokerage. My agents can't get enough of him, and truly I can't either! If you need a new perspective on how to relate your business to social media or purely a fresh approach, Kyle Draper is your guy!"

Andrew Thomas - Churchill Brown Realty

"Kyle has a true passion to gain as much knowledge about the ever advancing Real Estate market and share it with everyone. Kyle is someone who does not accept average or the norm. He is always searching and going “Outside the Box" for new and better ways to expand not only your real estate business but your life. Kyle has always been there with the support I need. I value his friendship and know that with his help my business is certain to flourish."

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Joan Curtis - Owner/agent 0f Edmond INsurance Professionals

"Kyle is the go to man for the social media plan! His class on Facebook Live changed the way I do business, as I am now in front of my target market, telling my story and creating the Know Like and Trust that gets me the referrals! You are a servant leader, with a big GO GIVE! THANK YOU KYLE for making a difference in my bottom line, and my life as a true friend!"

I have heard Kyle Draper train, motivate, inspire, expand our minds on a number of occasions. Every time I am blown away by both the knowledge and the inspiration that he brings to the table. Let me tell you that the apple has definitely not fallen far from the tree. Kyle is a combination of the best motivational strengths of his parents, but on social media steriods!
— Gayle Foster - Sr. Leader of Premier Designs
I love how real Kyle is. I also love how he’s not afraid to speak the truth in terms of what NOT to do. Lastly, I love how passionate he is about helping others succeed in their Business :) THANK YOU :)
— Diane Dierking - Sr. Leader of Premier Designs
If you ever have the chance to hear Kyle Draper train; you will be blessed, educated and entertained. He has such an amazing way of connecting with people and his experience and knowledge provide credible and relatable information that is super helpful! I love that he “keeps it real” unafraid of sharing who he really is and what’s important to him. It is evident that he passionately cares and wants to help you be better and expand your influence and business! Can’t say enough about the response of our group when he shared; they were honestly disappointed that we had not allowed more time on our agenda for him; how many trainers have you said that about?
— Vickie Orick Hopkins - Sr. Leader of Premier Designs